Monday, June 1, 2009


Congratz to the youth camp 2009 the best camper -Yap Tit Jia!!!

[[She's fantastic. isn't she??]]

tell us more about the funny thingy in the camp, k, Te jia??

Feel like i'm great le..
I sacrifice my time writing this post entitled "congratz" to you while actually i'm thinking of typing my kertas kerja ..
And the Nie??
how edi la??


A brand new day [[such a lame topic]]

Today i went to TSKUA for my physics class...
I'm so scare when i entered the centre.. haha..
Well, u know...
Having the less-furniture class.. a bit broken-at-the-edge tables.. chairs are quite perfect..The floor after being swept by the aunty actually is still the same [[i felt my tapak kaki a bit greasy xp]]... Wit h the tables and chair in class but not well arranged... My first impression on it..
But soon.. when the class almost started.. I meet a friend...
Quite miss her de after a long period nvr meet.. But she ended up sleeping in the class coz too tired after coming back from youth camp..
So well.. The teacher, Mr Edwin is quite funny.. He makes jokes.. He wears a spec.. with the fair complexion... His hands are like nvr done any housework b4.. so licin.. ^^
And of coz... Found something special, that is he wears gloves during the class..
According to her.. It's becoz the chalks are dreadful.. =>
[[every teacher do that]]
I learned about the formula F=ma at first..
The questions that i dun understand and i feel lazy to ask..
Then.. i learned about the work done..
Hmm.. not bad.. finally got a teacher explained to me about the cos and sin..
How and why the formula is like that..
I understand basically..
Until i reacher hone only i found there's something weird..
need to ask others liao..
hmm.. Dun just judge a book by its cover..
It doesn't have well-fit up classroom.. but the teacher is first class..
[[mr edwin use a gold mike during his class...]]

sorry guys that i can't make myself to et....

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Saturday, May 2, 2009


1..2..3..4..5....... [tiring demo by mean shyan..]

Lian Xiang, Gambateh o!

Demo for Choking

B4 the exam started... PANIC!!!


The boyZ

And the GurlS



Home nursing -Jian peng and Kk

A close view of t00n

poSing ..Xp

gOOd frEnz

Tit, Char and Klm... Examiners.. lolz


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Great job everyonE!

Like charmaine's previous and precious post...
Today i've meet someone that i miss for so long-Hafizi from Smk Jalan Kebun..
I knew him last year during a kem at Kuala Kubu Bahru..
He's still like last time..
So honest, so nice to talk with ...
Now he continue his study at a Teknik skul at Shah Alam..
Just talk for a little while then PS asked me to accompany her to watch the Game..
No matter what, all the best regard to him...
Somemore, an ex- 5A's senior (i forgot what his name edi.. something like what Putra)...
He's still as funny as last time..
He acted funnily when he was talking with PS and the Tug-of-war began.
Lol, turning both side...

Now here pain there pain..
But the last 2 days training was fun! haha..
And i keep booming the kah lim.. lol..
Now he sure feel very comfortable coz won't receive any boom from me anymore.. hehe....
Worst of all, my purse is now with him..
I only thought of my purse when i was in the car (c how less important is my purse to me.. hehe)... coz not much money mah.. hehe..
And the pizza i bought from PRS.. lol..
So salty la..
The teachers there asked me to buy the whole box.. lol..
No more money jor..

Btw, i thought of having out with them de..
But later i got tuition..


Sports Day :D

ToDay is our SI school sports Day neh.. Very very very Happy

After so many trainings , trainings & trainings add up 2 days of raptai in stadium.. Became 'dark skin monster' with da 'v' shape XD all the girls sure will do skin treatment after sukan ba as well for our boys haha all 'ai sui' ...Guess what everything is worth it cause' we've got the second placing in pembarisan~!!^^ Muahaha

Even though gort lots of misunderstanding & some communication problems for this few days.. But everything is okay now :] And this is all our chairman jasa haha Thanks to Jason lol

Heres some of our pembarisan pics and videos..

♥During Raptai.. All play play play == nid to 'da pi gu'

♥Video ^^ Took by Siong siong

♥ Jia- the pemegang bendera :]

♥ Me- the pemegang board :D

♥ The whole squad.. yeng ley haha


After that, we use 100plus 'yam seng' :D all div money ( going to pokai :p) then we sampat lor sceaming here & there XD After that got another good news ley.. Me, Jia, Siong siong, Toon Meng, Nicholas & Pek Si's rumah sukan -Perdana got the first placing neh haha damn happy keep hi-5-ing hehe (but we din get anything just support ^^)

Then as usual lor.. Go out happy happy celebrate.. But without jia lor :[ cos she nid to return the flag to office.. But nvm got Jason, TM, Pek Si, & Pei Heng 'pei' me haha we go McD eat lor.. Before that when we're walking something funny happen lor hahahaha.. (You know i know la>:])

But just hang out for awhile cause everyone is tired :] they want to start their pig job hehe.. But still very happy & thanks for sparing time with me :D

♥ TiRing Yet Happy :]


Friday, April 24, 2009

Our Sad Moment =[

Wah long time didnt blog d.. Well back again =] Today can say as our sad days to all the students in my school.. Cause..... our pretty & kind Cik Suraya is leaving us =[

Today during recess time, we manage to give all the presents & 'yam seng' with Cik Suraya in the class.. Then teacher open the present 1 by 1..But that time the other prefects keep rush us to go dewan for ceramah.. Sien.. ZzZ..

Opening the present..
♥ TaDa! Cik Suraya holding yc's present =]

BaBy, Siong Siong & Jason chose this present =)

Hehe. We use coke for 'yam seng'. Michelle pouring, so good.. ^^

After that we wanted to take photo with her.. But she pujuk us and tell us after the ceramah then take photo after after school =D

The ceramah almost kill us.. We didnt even have our recess T-T

The time we waited arrived!! Ceramah over and we wait outside the dewan for Cik Suraya :D

All we think of is only

Cik Suraya

Cik Suraya

Cik Suraya

Cik Suraya


We waited quite a while but she still haven come... Then they ask me to phone teacher.. Terlupa kot XD Tak pe lah.. There's our pretty teacher rushing towards our cheer bright face :) but after awhile siong siong feel sad & cried.. Its okay.. Teacher promised us that she will come back to see us one day & make sure the physics get A1 :D All the best guys!
Here's some of our pics :]

Hehe..still not enuf then we take again XD

♥ Haiz.. Hope we can suit ourself without the presence of Cik Suraya.. All the memories with her will be carved deep down beyond our heart..
Just want to wish her all the best & Good Luck in the future :) Hope she'll never forget bout us.. Bye Cik Suraya! We'll miss you very much.. Take Care

BaBy ♥ Cik SurayaEven though she's leaving us :[ But deep down she's always there :]

Specially for Cik SuraYa

Fate brings us together,
Neither you nor time can deteriorate,
Let's enjoy and share the happiness,
Throughout the days we went through.

This may be the last memory,
Throughout this few months,
Feeling grateful,
That we never leave the past blank.


[[klm really wordless this moment. Really need to separate with teacher now.]]

Notes to Cik Suraya if you view this...
Can you join us during the Sports Day??